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Rainier Skyline Excavators, Inc. is the producer of unique cable excavating systems that provide enhanced excavation capability in several industries.

Cable excavating systems are capable of production that surpasses conventional methods.  They allow utilization of resources with a lower overall cost of production, and they significantly reduce the impact on the environment.


  • Excavating
  • Mining
  • Material Handling
  • Contouring
  • Dredging

The Skyline excavator performs both under water and on dry land, where an astounding 150 foot mining depth can be exceeded.  The cable system can be installed in lengths of greater than 2,000 feet, resulting in minimal impact of large equipment on the surrounding area.  In addition, the system is designed to move easily between job sites and reduce setup time.

Deployed Skyline

Rainier Skyline Excavators design and build the most efficient material handling systems in the world!

Drawing of Skyline In Transit